Georg Bigalke presents “Mostrakk”

Artist: Georg Bigalke
Title: Mostrakk EP
Genre: Techno / Industrial
Format: Digital
Catalogue: II142D
Released: 12 May 2021

A1. Golden Mephisto Pudel (Original Mix)
A2. Handlezz (Original Mix)
B1. Verwerfung (feat. Gordon Schwarz)
B2. Golden Mephisto Pudel (Patrick Dre Remix)
C1. Handlezz (TΓΆria Remix)
C2. Handlezz (Malena Remix)
D1. Verwerfung (Lag Remix)

Written & Produced by Georg Bigalke
Includes Feat. & Remix by Gordon Schwarz, Lag, Patrick Dre, TΓΆria, Malena
Mastering credits by Paul Mac & Lobotomija
Layout by Das Kollektive Studio
All Rights Reserved, 22 April 2021
Cat. II142D

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